We are Xenor

“Red, white and blue: the colors of life, purity, the sky and the seas… the colors of refreshment, energy, fun, freedom and independence. Characteristics of Xenor, ideals we are striving for!”


It all started in 1969, when the idea behind Xenor was first conceived. Today, Xenor is an established freight forwarder and logistics service provider.

With the commitment of our experts, and being part of a network of privately owned forwarding companies in more than 100 countries, we are equipped to take on any challenge.

Our international clients may expect to receive the personal attention and first-class services that are characteristic of Xenor. With our persistent dedication to excellence, we will go the limits of the possible to get the job done.

“When it comes to doing business in an international environment, we connect the local with the global and emphasize the personal aspect in dealing with clients and partners from all over the world.”

Introducing Xenor’s Online Shipping Platform

Xenor’s online shipping platform is an integrated logistics service platform that brings together logistics and shipping services providers in a single online platform. In simplified terms, the platform allows you to check the delivery rate from multiple courier companies and book for delivery services from your preferred carrier online, all in one place.

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“It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, Xenor!”