Guide to Xenor’s Online Shipping Platform

What is our platform all about?

Xenor’s online shipping platform is an integrated logistics service platform that brings together logistics and shipping services providers in a single online platform. In simplified terms, the platform allows you to check the delivery rate from multiple courier companies and book for delivery services from your preferred carrier online, all in one place.

We offer several partnering courier companies to provide online delivery services to our platform’s users. You are able to search for delivery charges from all these courier companies. And better, every delivery order comes with a pickup service!

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What makes Xenor special?

You can send all your parcels using different courier companies, all under one Xenor account.

Log-in, check the rates, book, done!

Check for delivery charges

Do you have a parcel to send but do not know how much each courier company will be charging you? Using Xenor’s online shipping platform, you can check for delivery charges from all of our partnered courier companies.

All you have to do is to request an account here, visit, select your delivery location and parcel attributes, then click “Booking”, select your preferred service and you will get an overview of the available services offered by by our partner courier companies.

It’s easy!

Parcel pick up & door-to-door collection

Parcels will be collected at your preferred location! All our services include pick up, so there’s no need to leave your premises. Pick up charges are included in the delivery rate. Therefore, there are no extra or hidden charges such as pick up fees. With our ‘anywhere pick up’ service you’re free to select any collection area. You may order for collection at your office today and collection at your home for the next parcel.

We’re always ready!

Auto-generated consignment note/airway bill

Tired of writing delivery addresses on every piece of consignment note? That’s no longer necessary when you start using Xenor’s online shipping platform. All consignment is generated automatically. Make your orders online and you can get your consignment note in PDF file. Print in out and attach to your parcel.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, Xenor!

Competitive delivery rate

You will notice that the delivery rates found on our platform are lower than the regular over-the-counter rates offered by our partnered courier companies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending as a business or an individual, whether large or small volumes, at Xenor you will enjoy a lower delivery rate!

Get the best rates!

Book for delivery anywhere, anytime

If you have internet access, you can make delivery orders online at any location in the world!

Book anywhere, anytime!

Customer service

We are always here to answer your inquiry and solve your delivery problems. Contact our dedicated customer service team for any complication faced.

We’re at your service!

How to send my parcel via Xenor’s online shipping platform?

  1. If you wish to start using Xenor’s services, contact us to sign up for a new account here.
  2. Log in to to check for delivery rates from each courier company.
  3. Pick your preferred courier company and service, print the airway bill and wait for collection!

You may check out the step-by-step guideline to place delivery order here.